Our Demos

The following demos illustrate the range of work we do.
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NEW: Check out our new Pegasus movement explorer, an experimental in-browser 3D application for studying movement-based practices.
Click here to try the live demo

Don't just take our word for it. Listen to what our AI character Kevin has to say.
Kevin is completely digital, including his voice which we created using OpenAI's tools.

This 3-minute demo video (same on our home page) showcases some of our capabilities

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We bring immersive experiences right through your customer's web browser. Try one of our live web demos:

We create immersive environments with interactive control over multiple cameras

Explore human physiology in whole new ways! Toggle between musculoskeletal and nervious systems

We combine AI-powered conversational search with curated content and interactively navigable knowledge graphs. Try our Pegasus web demo

We're equipped to create highly realistic characters with a wide range of expressive movements

And we create animated environments for the young and young at heart!

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Explore the human body right from your web browser: